Most of producers already made final assessments and judgements on the vintage, for us, with wild ferments still going on is still quite difficult to summarise.

Dry as hell and very hot. Not only that but a great crop and evenly ripe throughout our various sites. Low acidities and great sugar levels will bring some very ripe and intense flavours which will be drink-ready soon. For natural low acidity varieties like Pinot Blanc or Pinot Gris we had to go earlier with the pick as we normally do but Rieslings are so flexible that even in hot years keep a reasonable acidity.

It will definitely be a year to remember and we had made some crazy new wines, like our very first Pet Nat which was baptised Opp Nat and a red Beerenauslese from Pinot Noir grapes. From our beautiful sites of Kandelweg and Geierscheiß we had Pinot grapes that were shrinking so hard and early that we decided to leave them on the vines until the end and harvest them at 130 Oechsle!

We had to limit the amount of maceration because we didn´t want the juice to lose natural acidity. Even though the grapes were unbelievably clean.

For Pinot Gris, we decided to pick early, with a beautiful acidity so we could allow ourselves some maceration which we did for over 12 hours on half of the grapes. The result is a pale pink wine which tastes like a fruit salad, a lot of peach and strawberries! Hopefully it will be popular with our fellow Carl-Koch drinkers!!!

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